March 13, 2014

  • Down But Not Out - an Autisable Status Update

    In August of last year  Autisable - along with the entire Xanga network of blogging community sites -  was shut down.   This was due to the decision by to close their proprietary platform and migrate everything to a site powered by wordpress technology.

    The Xanga team has been working hard at getting Xanga back up to speed, and each of the network sites, including Autisable - has been put on  bit of a back burner while they address issues as new servers, data management, etc..

    Relaunching a website is no easy task, and add to that the planning and replanning of what needs to be done, how we need to go about it - etc...

    I don't want to promise anything and deliver something that will fall short of expectations.   In short, I don't want to over promise and under deliver.

    In that regard - Autisable's relaunch is going to be a rather simple one - with not a lot of bells and whistles on the site until we get some things reestablished.

    Our first goal is to get the articles and author's matched up on our main site.  There are over 6,300 articles and a couple of hundred authors.   We've made some serious progress, but it's a long and tasking process.  The migration from Xanga's prioprietary platform to wordpress has proven a serious challenge - but at least we're making some major progress to reach this level.

    We are looking at relaunching the site back to it's domain prior to the completion of the first goal - so we can get the look and feel of the site established.

    Once the site has been relaunched and we are back on track - people will see that the site is powered by wordpress, but there really won't be a lot of bells and whistles on the site.     So, don't expect a lot of plugins and extra wordpress based technology other than the basics.

    We will first be reaching out to our regularly syndicated bloggers.    We want to make sure that they can manage the upgrade with their accounts on the site before we make the site open to everyone again.   Due to data migration issues, there may be some accounts that have to be reestablished as well.   We will address each account when the time comes - and I appreciate the incredible amount of patience as we push through this process.

    Now, what to expect after Autisable relaunches besides blogs and offering blogging to folks?

    First - If you have a Smart TV, Media Streaming Device, or Gaming console - then you may be able to find The Autism Channel on any of these devices by the end of the year.    We are working with The Autism Channel in creating a show that will highlight musicians and non-profits that help the Autism Community.

    Secondly - we are working on an ad revenue stream that will not only benefit Autisable, but people who also blog about Autism may be able to benefit as well.   Wish I could go into details now, but this will be announced in due time.

    Third - we are working on a concert series and expansion of Autisable's website that will help families at a local level.  We are already working with several artists to make this concert a reality.  Stay tuned for more details. :)

    Fourth - we will be developing an online store for Autisable.  I've personally made many a phone calls in how to make a store that will best benefit and serve the community.  I look forward to it's continued development.

    We've been working on this for sometime, and I'm excited to see how things are developing.

    In order to jump start some of these efforts - we will need some extra financing - a small budget to accommodate things like:

    • programmers (for the websites)
    • videographers/editors (for show on the Autism Channel)
    • on Air talent (to serve as host for the show)
    • travel expenses (from NYC, to Florida, to Los Angeles - much is being done that travel will be necessary to finalize some plans)
    • computer (working off of a Dell Inspiron notebook is ok, but will need to upgrade/replace eventually)

    So, we are creating a campaign to address our expansion efforts.   Of course, as our ad revenue increases, the need for a crowd funding campaign will diminish to where it will no longer be required.

    Stay tuned, as we are getting closer to Autisable's relaunch.




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