March 17, 2014

  • Where Am I Online

    Over the years I've created accounts on other sites on a regular basis.   Not all of the accounts I used regularly, as some I used for branding purposes - and others I created to just check websites out to see how well they work and for general review.

    I've used the pen name 'edlives' for as long as I've been blogging on Xanga, where it was first introduced.   It was used as a means to keep a small level of anonymity.   I also shared much of my faith in the early days of my blogging life, and the pen name carries a bit of that meaning with it - but I digress.

    Gone are many of the sites I used to be on, and others still remain as a shell of their former selves.   But I still remain on several sites.  I still contribute regularly - but only as time permits.

    I do contribute to and, and I encourage you to look at those sites if you have the time.  Sometimes I'm asked o write articles for sites and publications that cater to the autism community.

    Over the past few weeks I've been able to devote a little time in revamping my personal accounts.   And I think it's time to do a little reveal as to the major places where most people are online - and where they can connect with me.   It was just time that I looked at what I did online, and refocused where I'm at, and what I needed to focus my time when I'm online.   It was long overdue, but glad I did it.

    So, here are the sites that I'm regularly on if you'd like to connect with me.

    -  - this is my main blog, where you are reading me now (in case you didn't know).  I call it my blogging home.   I also blog on Autisable, but will hold off on sharing my specific blog url on that site until the site gets relaunched.

    Facebook -
    My personal account -  - now I will say I do have a tendency to accept friend requests as I am a constant networker.   However, I do check people's accounts that want to connect with me.  So, if you try to connect with me through a fake account - be warned.

    My Fanpage  - this is where I share just about anything I come across online.  Weird/Mundane.  It's also where many of my blogs and contributing articles will be promoted.   I do manage several fanpages on facebook, but this one is my personal one.

    Twitter -  - when I must I do tweet a few things here and there.   -  do you want to connect with me professionally?   then this is the place.  Be aware, however, that like my personal facebook account - I will look at your account.  After all, there must be a purpose to connect with me on this site.

    Youtube -    - This is an upgrade from my previous youtube account which will eventually be shut down.   Focus with this account is to share hitrecord projects that I'm a part of (when I can), and also more professional quality videos.  -   - this is a collaborative production company.  I like doing voice overs and this site gives me the opportunity to practice.   I may share some of the results on my soundcloud or youtube accounts - which will be shared via facebook, etc...  Being that I like doing voice overs, I am still deciding what site I want to use the most - as I have accounts on a few sites for that as well. But I'll save that for a later time.

    Vine.co    - I like to do impressions, be silly and have a bit of fun.   I use vine to connect with folks and have a bit of fun in the process. -  - like my youtube upgrade, this account is actually an upgrade as well.  The previous account is no longer being used.   Sometimes I come across a good picture I'd like to share - so expect those on this site.

    So, the above sites listed are where I'm at usually.   Feel free to friend/follow/subscribe.... you know, the usual rhetoric to say 'connect with me here as well'

    Until later, Be Blessed.

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