March 7, 2014

  • One Door Closes



    This week marks the official closing of one door, and the next step of my journey to begin.

    As I've been reminded time and time again these past couple of months - when one door closes - another door opens.

    I'm still helping folks and keeping busy while working for another place of employment.  I've always had a challenge staying still for too long.

    Along with working on Autisable and helping out T.O.N.E-z - I've been practicing some voice overs over at

    HitRecord is a collaborative production company, and for those who have Pivot on their cable line-up, you may see HitRecord on TV. People who contribute to the site and who's contributions are used, can be compensated... however, I haven't been lucky enough for that to happen to me.

    I've been having a bit of fun in my spare time with this site - honing some of my vocal ability with what people write.   Interacting with some of the other contributors - and am rather inspired by the people who I consider fellow hitrecorders.

    Because it's a collaborative site - anyone on the site can remix what anyone else contributes.   It's also interesting that due to the fact that people have a common goal to create - there's very little (if any) drama between folks.   The purpose, after all, is to create.

    For example, someone writes a script - someone else takes that script and applies a voice to it.  Other people take that audio file and apply animation and visuals.

    What happens next can be something like this video:

    I applied the voice over for the above fake commercial - but over 24 resources were used to create it.

    It was a pleasant surprise when someone used what I did, and remixed it into something new.   After all, I took the script that someone else wrote and remixed it into an audio file that another person can use.

    This has put things into perspective - in that although my time at a particular place was temporary, people are remixing my work and taking it to someplace new - even better than what I could do.

    A door may have closed, but I know I did the best I could, and from the encouragement I've received from folks still there - I am resolved at knowing I left a positive mark.

    I now take that step of faith as to what is next for me.   I apply to companies, I help where I can, and see what window or door opens as I journey down this path called life.

    Still pressing forward, I thank you for joining me on this journey - and I look forward to sharing what I can as the path twists and turns.

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  • I believe in door openings and closing as well. It is like looking at the options, thinking it over, and rolling the dice. I have been very fortunate in my longer than expected life.

    Wishing you the best.


  • You have always seemed to me (in the very brief time that I have "known" you) as a team player. And so you appreciate and applaud the way that others work with your material, and enjoy using the starts of others.
    I am sure that with your positive attitude, and your skills as well, that you will find that God has a very special "NEXT" coming your way before long. :-)

    • I always enjoy brainstorming and seeing the ideas of others become reality. If I can even be a small part of that idea becoming a reality, then I am just honored to be a part of it. :)

  • I love to read what you write. With your skills I cannot see you being unemployed for long. Keep on keeping on.

    • Thank you, I enjoy writing. I find it rather cathartic. Glad you like what I write, and hopefully the books that I'm writing will be worthy of your praise as well.

  • I'm hoping the next door opens soon! Sometime you just have to jiggle the knob a little...
    ps. Nice voice! We never get to hear the voice attached to the blogs and this was a pleasant bonus!

    • Thanks for the encouragement. Yeah, I would like to do more Voice overs, but until you are established in the industry - one must do other things.

      Who knows, maybe a door knob needs a little more jiggling. :)

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