March 19, 2014

  • My Baby Girl

    A few weeks ago I shared about a little about meeting T.O.N.E-z.

    We will be hearing more about him, as he will be a part of the concert series we are working on for Autisable.

    Lately, however, he's been working rather heavily on his new album, and his latest single called "My Baby Girl."

    He collaborated with fellow Justified Actor and Singer, Alicia Witt, to create this song that deals with a very tough subject: Miscarriage.

    The song was written from his own personal experience on the subject - and it's something he and I both have in common.

    There is an obvious stigma associated with subject.   Hopefully by this song being released, it can be an open door for discussion - and to let people know that they are not alone in that experience.


    One of our very own Xangans was at the filming of the music video, so stay tuned.  I"ll update this post with the link when it becomes available.

    [ UPDATE:  Here is the link  -  ]

    Until later, Be blessed.

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  • Thanks for sharing this, Joel. I haven't experienced this heartache myself, but if I had ... I am sure I'd have felt it like these singers put it so well. This is excellently done.

  • Is Alicia Witt an actor who appeared on the Law and Order Seres a couple of years ago?

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