January 20, 2015

  • Yeah, I'm on Instagram Too

    Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 2.26.23 PM

    If you're already connected to me on Xanga, you may also be connected to me on Twitter and Facebook as well.

    But, I'm also on Instagram.

    For the most part I share pictures I take with my Smartphone while I'm on my daily walks.   Above is one of the pics.

    Please take a moment to follow me... and I hope you like the pics.

January 14, 2015

  • Win an Xbox One from @GuardianLocate

    Ok, so who is Guardian Locate - and what is this all about?  and why did I post this on my Xanga blog to be promoted everywhere?


    Guardian Locate is a company that provides business and personal tracking systems.  This includes GPS tracking.
    They are also an advertiser for Autisable.com.  One major reason that Autisable's logo is on this Giveaway/campaign.

    Wandering/Elopement in the Autism community is as high as 50%.   Some of those who wander make their way into the news, with the most undesired outcome.
    Many tracking systems that are on the market are rather expensive to the average Autism family, and Guardian Locate wants to make a difference.

    They will be launching an indiegogo campaign to help keep costs low.   Of course there are countless investor's willing to be a part of the company, but many of those investor's worry about 'the bottom line' as to what they will be making.  Once the crowdfunding campaign is launched, I'll be sharing that as well.

    The heart of those who have founded this company is to help save lives.   They have partnered with Project Lifesaver International - a long established organization that works with First Responders worldwide - to bring about the best in tracking technology and training -to help find lost loved ones.


    Autisable is currently being worked on to relaunch.  Right now the Xanga team is addressing the theme of the site, and also how to manage ads on the site.... along with other Xanga related issues as previously discussed.

    Normally this is something that would be an Autisable blog - but being that the Xanga community has been such an integral part of Autisable coming this far, and with the support of The Xanga Team - I'm sharing this beyond the Autism community at large.

    As an added note - wandering/elopement also impacts families dealing with Alzheimer's.   By reaching beyond the autism community and through any other outlet - we can help both major communities dealing with Autism and Alzheimer's.

    And Lastly:

    The other logo's on the picture above relate to:
    - 'Lost and Tired'... a dad with three children with who are on the Autism Spectrum (and who is a co-founder of Guardian Locate)..

    - 'Fun and Function' - a collaborative company providing tools and toys to help the special needs community.

    To kick things off, Guardian Locate is doing an Xbox One giveaway!

    This is a means by which you can win an Xbox without paying or contributing money, and at the same time help share with everyone what great things Guardian Locate is doing!

    Who knows, in the process of you sharing and trying to win an Xbox - you may be shining the light on a product that could help a family dealing with Autism or Alzheimer's in saving a lost loved one.

    Click here for details and to enter for your chance to win an XBox....


    Thank you for participating, and good luck!

January 6, 2015

  • Back from the Holiday's

    Hello everyone, and welcome back from the Holiday's... and Happy New Year!

    It isn't that I really went anywhere during the Holiday's - but rather that due to family scheduling I wasn't able to be online that much to blog and update various sites.

    Life does that - doesn't it?  You try and plan to address several things, but those curve balls called life moments swing on by and priorities take over.

    In any event, I'm back.

    I did receive word that the Themes and some programming for Autisable are continuing to progress and I should receive an update soon.

    I will be following up with John to see if there is any major updates with Xanga,  and will advise accordingly once anything new has happened.

    While things are moving forward with Autisable's relaunch, we're also double checking to make sure all social media outlets are geared up and ready to roll, along with an e-mail campaign to reach out to all the syndicated bloggers and organizations we've been working with over the years.

    On that note, I'll also be updating my personal social media accounts as well this month.

    There is one thing that is needed ...  content for Xanga's facebook page.

    So, if you have a link that you'd like to be shared on Xanga's facebook page - please feel free to share it. (and please make sure it's safe for work viewing/reading)

    Have a great day!

December 11, 2014

  • Communication is a Dialogue


    Our need as a species to communicate is within our genetics.

    We all want, and desire, to be heard and to be understood.  In short, we want to be accepted.

    But while many people are talking and yelling, other folks are thinking of what to say.

    This begs the question - is anyone really listening?

    I remember as a child my parents telling me that there is a big difference between hearing someone, and listening to someone.

    Hearing is equated to a sound, in that anyone can say, "I hear you.".

    But listening requires comprehension and understanding.... it requires effort.

    There's been a lot going on with Autisable, and one of the aspects of working on a site that reaches out and helps the Autism community - is to ensure that the site has a consistent message that is relatable.   This can always prove a challenge to any business or organization that tries to serve its respective demographic.

    The Autism community is as diverse in its opinions and efforts as the spectrum itself.    This diversity is both its strength, and it's weakness.
    First, it crosses many standard demographics - it's not just a racial issue, nor is it a specific age issue.   It affects a broad range of people - from Parents, to Grandparents, to Siblings... and most of all - to those who are on the spectrum.

    The goal is to find commonalities - and to make sure that all aspects of the community have the opportunity to be heard.

    People need to be at least heard, but it's up to us to actually Listen - as individuals, as a community, and as a business/organization.

    To ensure that Autisable is on target with its efforts, there are regular phone calls and e-mails with all aspects of the community.   This effort is to make sure that we understand what the community at large is wanting, and needing.    At times the autism community is at odds with itself, and this division has hindered the progress of the message of the community being heard.

    Having input from all aspects of the Autism community is key to making sure Autisable remains a respectable vision.  This means listening not only to those that the public regularly sees and hears, but also to those who aren't or don't have the opportunity to be seen and/or heard.

    But it's not just Autisable that has had this challenge to remain relatable in terms of communication and message, the same can be said for Xanga.

    Allow me for a moment to share....

    For those that have been a part of Xanga for the past several years know and wonder if your voice is being heard, and if The Xanga Team is even listening.
    As a liaison, my purpose is to ensure that the Team has the requests and suggestions (and complaints) that the community has - and do what I can to let you know that they have heard it.

    I can only encourage everyone that your frustration, your hope, and your suggestions and complaints have been heard... and that the Team has been listening.   It's up now to the Team to communicate that they have not only heard what you've asked me to pass along, but that they have been listening.

    Communication is a dialogue - and that dialogue requires all parties involved to listen to one another.

    Social media allows us to share our thoughts and ideas at a moment, a split second.   But it also reminds us that in order to be social, we must not only share our ideas, but we must be willing to hear and listen to other people's thoughts and ideas openly and without judgement.

    Perspectives always differ, and listening to other people's perspective is like having a mirror before you... sometimes you may like what you see, and other times you may not.

    There's always another thought, another idea... let's keep the dialogue going.

November 20, 2014

  • Home For Sale - Suffolk, VA



    For those that don't know - my Mom passed away on Mother's Day this year, after a year long battle with Brain Cancer.

    She had a rental home in Suffolk, VA that as of earlier this week has been placed on the Market.

    Here's the listing on Zillow.com - http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/307-Loblolly-Ct-Suffolk-VA-23435/79290441_zpid/

    It's a good home, well built.

    So - if you are planning on moving to the Norfolk, VA area - and want a quiet neighborhood that's 5 minutes from the interstate... consider this home.

    Please feel free to share this post or the zillow.com listing anywhere.